The longer you stop and linger in Island Park, the more difficult you may find it to leave, and the more that you will want to come back. Click and visit our Chamber Business Directory, to find exactly what you will need to make your first or your one-hundredth stay . . . . . exactly the way you want it.

Idaho is several Scenic Byways and many are located in the Island Park Area download a brochure here

In the winters, locals and the increasing number of visitors, trade their fishing tackle for snowmobiles to explore the hundreds of miles of forest and mountain trails. Cascading over groomed trails and waist deep powder on a powerful snowmobile cannot be beat!

Aside from the fishing and snowmobiling, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, hunting and touring, Island Park’s scenic and historical sites are some of the other popular activities. Outfitters for nearly every activity abound, and there are also plenty of maps and guide books for the visitor who wants to experience Island Park on their own. Nearby Yellowstone Park and its trails and streams are also popular day trips from the area. Yellowstone’s proximity is part of the allure of Island Park. Since the late 1800’s, tourists commonly passed through Island Park on their way to Yellowstone.