4133 Shoshone Ave.
Island Park, ID 83429
United States

Island Park Charter School was founded in 2019 by Connie Day. With the help of the community and surrounding areas this lifelong dream for many residents was brought to fruition. Currently the school is offering education for Pre K through 3rd grade.  Our school has multi-grade classrooms. Students of different ages are in class together. Multi-grade classrooms allow students to work with others of similar abilities. Rather than working at a frustration level too fast or too slow students are able to work at an appropriate instructional level that is not dependent on age or grade. In multi-grade classrooms, students learn from each other. They overhear what others are being taught, which allows them to be introduced to higher concepts before they are expected to master them. Older students become role models for younger students. A strong sense of community is built in the classroom, and life-long relationships are nurtured. Students develop a sense of belonging, caring for each other, respect, and true friendships across grade levels. This will be especially important to our students as they transition to higher grades in Ashton.