PO Box 725
Ashton, ID 83420
United States

Henry’s Fork Wildlife Alliance (HFWA) formed in 2019. We are a group of people committed to protecting healthy wildlife populations in the Upper Henry’s Fork. We love the outdoors. We hunt, we fish, and many of us simply like to watch wildlife. We are residents and taxpayers of Island Park and Fremont County. We volunteer our time, support our local businesses and charities and are your neighbors. We care deeply about Island Park.

 Some of our volunteer projects include partnering with Fish & Game on a pronghorn collaring study; helping with wetlands restoration at Henrys Lake; and removing a derelict woven wire and barbed wire fence no longer needed nor wanted by the property owner, which presented a barrier to migrating wildlife. We have supported projects of several local conservation organizations and have partnered with Fish and Game, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and others on several projects